Wilier Triestina

Jonny Mole for Wilier Triestina:
the new halberd style.
Jonny Mole's artistic flair is a landmark in Italian bicycle production, from product graphics to marketing.
A partnership fostered over several decades that inspires new adventures in style.

Product graphic design

Celebrating the return of an icon. That's what inspired the graphic restyling of the model that made Wilier great. Thus lines and shapes of a legendary colour are enhanced. Cento10AIR: Ramato is back.

Beauty cannot be born from nothing: there is the signature of Jonny Mole in product graphics of the new Wilier Triestina Zero SLR for the Astana team, considered the most beautiful bike on the World Tour.

The same line distinguishes the clothing and accessory collections: a triumph of versions that honour the epochal Halberd icon, in its quintessential cycle-chic.

Art direction

Communicating is like running: the direction dictates the goal. This is the art director's mindset: from advertising to corporate content, every project is carefully supervised, managed, under control.

Graphic design

Wilier is a page to be browsed, a story to be told, a journey to be discovered: brochures, catalogues, magazines and projects like Wilierpedia convey a timeless legacy to the New Millennium.

Exhibition design

Display the legend: a challenge won at Eurobike, thanks to a stand that leaves freedom of the stage to the models presented on pedestals.
Essential forms do justice to the product.

3D animation

Aesthetics and function of the Wilier bike in its essential soul: that's the goal of the 3D animation videos capable of intimately depicting technology, style and excellence.

Video making
& editing

A landscape that blossoms, a village to explore, a racing machine in action: the Jonny Mole design concept extols the uniqueness of the Cento10NDR – pure emotion.

Media production

Scenes, choices, photographic styles in the Wilier images: Jonny Mole's organisational flair can be felt behind the photographer's lens.