Selle Italia

Selle Italia is the market leader,
Jonny Mole leads in style.
From design to graphics, from graphics to products, from products to communication: the partnership with Selle Italia covers the entire range. Together building a style at which to gaze, to guide, to love.


The design team signs off the SLR Boost, the lightest short saddle in the world: an evolution of the SLR, it is designed to give the rider the utmost ergonomic experience.

Product graphic design

Graphics enhance the Boost saddle, exalting its contours and lines with minimal red accents.

Art direction

Free rein to the excellence of the saddle and its environmental expressions: art direction by Jonny Mole.

Graphic design

The cyclist's excitement in action, technical detail in evidence: elements that coexist in perfect harmony in the press releases, as it does in corporate content.

Exhibition design

The stand conceived as an immersive experience that narrates settings and performance experiences with Selle Italia. The philosophy is universal: Enjoy your ride.

3D animation

All functions in three dimensions. That's the added value of 3D animation: videos aimed at exalting the features of every single part of the saddle, as in the case of the SP-01.

Video making
& editing

The product and its vision become narrative in motion. As in #BEIRON's storytelling: the excellence of Iron Evo expressed through the values that make the triathlon champions great.

Media production

For the SP-01 BOOST, SLR BOOST and NOVUS BOOST saddles, Jonny Mole has directly supervised the mood, location and casting of the shooting: thorough planning that crafts an image to remember.