Jonny Mole for sPlant: the style in a new light
More than a flower pot: sPlant is a self-sustaining technology giving room to nature everywhere. Jonny Mole’s support gives room to design and communication.

Product style
& product graphic design

Simplicity stands for technology in the flower pot design: every element is clear, essential and catchy, from rendering (pic on the right) to product (pic on the left).

Jonny Mole’s designers manage style and graphics for the fertilizer blisters too.
The unconventional cube-shaped package bring logo into three dimensions.

Art direction

A full flowering of projects to share the “eco-smart” sPlant philosophy, elegant and addictive at the same time.

Graphic design

From web adv graphics to remote control and flower pot monitoring app till soil package: Jonny Mole is the supervisor.

Exhibition design

The exhibition space is conceived with the same attention dedicated to the product.
Thus being identified, appreciated and chosen becomes natural.

3D animation design

Product style comes to life within a 3D video showing technology features through design value.

Media production

sPlant is also an intimate, touching visual storytelling enhanced by a cinematic light to communicate by moving emotions. Quantity and quality also live in printing materials, thanks to precise photo shoot planning by Jonny Mole’s team.