Performance and style, with Jonny Mole’s style.
Stylish and functional design, clear and persuasive communication: this is how Jonny Mole boosts Pissei brand, the Italian experience of cycling apparel.

Product graphic design

Web Series 2018: special graphics for special jerseys recalling World Cycling Championship and Tour de France moods. Logo by Jonny Mole.

Web Series 2019: customized jerseys with 70’s, 80’s, 90’ philosophy. Artful logo, lines and colours celebrating three decades of sport, lifestyle and culture.

Graphic design

From special packaging for the retail, to B2B and B2C catalogues: graphic design is part of Pissei’s brand character.

Art direction

From corporate advertising to poster person campaigns: behind the camera there’s Jonny Mole eye.

Social media management

Pissei’s social pages go faster, thanks to new and useful content production made to capture the brand soul and win the heart of the community.

Media production

Behind a Pissei’s media production there’s a broad organization: from casting and location selection to supervision before, during and after the photo shoot.