Technology by FSA, style by Jonny Mole.
What do hundred of high-end FSA cycling components have in common? Jonny Mole’s graphics.
This is a long-lasting successful partnership powered by quality projects, from design to communication.

Product graphic design 

From the derailleur to the brake until the bottom bracket and the other components: behind every Full Speed Ahead technology there’s a detail communicating the function and enhance the aesthetics.

Graphic design

Communicating the innovation: consistency, synthesis and effectiveness turned into graphics for the FSA K-Force WE Electronic Groupset App.

Art direction

Jonny Mole and FSA work together also for the communication: to take the best from every medium – adv, catalogues, packagings, mobile marketing and more – in the same vision: “beyond extraordinary”.

Exhibition design

Action scenes, focus on details, product storytelling perfectly cohexist inside FSA booths created for international fairs as Eurobike.

3D animation design

End users and products are face to face in Jonny Mole’s 3D videos: the first shows all the features of K-Force WE, the second is an ufficial preview of the exclusive Vision handlebar.