Cubho: style happens, grows and rides with Jonny Mole.
Little riders with big dreams grow up riding Cubho, the push bike entirely conceived by Jonny Mole: from naming to product style, from graphics to video, exhibition design and beyond. It’s better to grow together.

Product style

Simple and effective lines, balance of shapes, aerodinamic skills: minds and hands work together to bring a little big masterpiece to life.

Product graphic design

The quest for perfection has no age: the utmost care in designing bikes, helmets and Cubho accessories for the youngers riders.

Same happens with garments, within the new sportswear collection designed by Jonny Mole.

Graphic design

Each item takes shape and becomes an original Cubho element. Starting from logo, inspired by a simple square, later evolved into a new free dimension.


This name comes from the Italian word “cubo”, symbol of harmony and size perfection.
“We Know How”: the pay-off chosen to communicate experience and technology in the clearest way.

Art direction

Jonny Mole supports Cubho in the development of all graphics, photo and typographic elements. For an impressive visual impact.

Exhibition design

Energy, coolness, dynamic instinct make the brand different even inside the exhibition booth.

Video production

Not only the brand itself, also the brand video is 100% made by Jonny Mole: concept, shooting, editing.

Media production

The photographer shoots, Jonny Mole directs style, tone of voice and colours choices of all Cubho’s images.