Jonny Mole for “La Bicicletta”:
communication and synthesis together.
New product design, new stylistic and photographic canon, advertising, exhibition projects and digital marketing. Media is changing, not the guidelines: communicating the eternal values of Colnago. Always together to ride the future.

Product design

Shape, lines, style of Colnago bike are ridefined by Jonny Mole team.
The aim: innovating an icon while respecting a glorious history.

Art direction

Product is also made by its environment. Through the study of lights, colors and contests Colnago design becomes synthetical, essential and iconic again.

Graphic design

Precious graphics, striking images, technical details combined with emotional brand heritage.
Colnago to ride and to read.

Exhibition design

Roll-up, desk and t-shirt display, square frame and bike support, graphic design:
Colnago style turns the exhibition space into a magic place.

Video making
& editing

A storytelling video to tell the uniqueness of Colnago Apparel.

Social media management

Jonny Mole is the new social voice of Colnago: 
everything professional cyclists and amateur must know and share.