Campionato Italiano di Ciclismo 2020

With Jonny Mole, a championship never seen before.
Design, communication and organization: behind the Italian Cycling Championship 2020 there is the exclusive direction signed Jonny Mole.

Product graphic design

The celebratory jersey CI2020 is an anthem to Italy. The Jonny Mole signature gives
value to the design of the garment worn by the former champions at the VIP Ride.

The Championship is a world to cheer on but also to wear and collect: here is the CI2020 Merchandising, from t-shirts to caps.

Graphic design

The walled cities of Veneto united for the Championship and its logo. Bassano del Grappa, Marostica and Cittadella summarized in a single coat of arms.

Art Direction

The Championship also works in terms of image, from the conception of the tricolor graphic format and production of photo and video content.

Web design

Simple, immediate, rich in content: the Championship website is a network of information, insights on the races and the territory. For all cycling fans.

Social media management

The planning of content on social channels accompanies the event, from the teasing phase to live coverage.


Simplicity is the strength of the slogan "UniamoCI” (“Join us”: this is an Italian wordplay taking from “CI2020”) and creative concept created for the event and declined on all communication materials.

Video making & editing

Not one but a series of videos that tell the Championship from all points of view, from the preparation (interviews with the athletes, animated graphics of the route, original images of the territory) to the races shot live and instantly shared on social networks.

Media production

We did not miss an emotion for the online public, thanks to the supervision of all photographic content before, during and after the event.